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Quality, Custom-built Stainless Steel, Intermediate
Bulk Containers (IBC) and Replacement Parts.

3-Piece Ball Valve™ 111111




(A) Inlet and Outlet Options.
The three interchangeable pieces allow users to configure the valve to their needs. Inlets and outlets come in a variety of options.

  • Threaded, male or female
  • Butt welded
  • Socket weld
  • Sanitary (food grade).
  • Quick connect adapters.
  • I or S line fittings.

(B) Polished Surfaces.
An electrochemical process
polishes all surfaces, including
the threads. The resulting shiny
exterior is both smooth and
passivated, making it easy to
clean and resistant to rust and
other forms of chemical attack.

(C) Step-Free Interior.
Surface on the inlet and outlet
pieces are through-bored to
eliminate and steps and sharp
angles that create eddies,
accumulate debris, and
complicate cleaning. Other
three-piece valves have a
chamfer, or step, on the inlet
and outlet pieces. The step
not only collects debris, but
also creates a crevice that
requires extra time to clean.

(D) Alignment Tab.
Cast-in tabs simplify assembly
after cleaning by helping workers
align the bolts quickly.

American Machining,Inc. 3-Piece Ball Valve 111111

(E) Heavy-Duty Bolts.
The stainless steel assembly bolts are the biggest in the industry, a hefty 3/8"-16 UNC. The threads are coarse to withstand the rigors of industry use.

(F) Locking Handle.
Enhances safety and ensures control.

(G) Engineered Stem and Seat.
The stainless steel stem is machined and heat treated. A replacement TFE stem seat sits in a stainless steel packing gland.


(H) Replaceable TFE Seat.
The standard ball-seat assembly comes as two pieces of TFE, one on each side of the ball.

( I ) Cavity Filler Kit.
To avoid entrapping product in the body cavity, an optional TFE cavity-filling seat encapsulates the ball. Because the two pieces fill the whole cavity, there is no product entrapped to dry around the ball or gum it up. The result is less cleaning.



The Three-Piece Ball Valve™ end fittings are interchangeable so that users can configure valves to fit their particular portable tanks without going through the hassle and ex pence or ordering specials. For example, the 2" diameter inlet and outlet pieces can have male or female threads or can come butt or socket welded. They also can be I or S-line fittings, quick-connect male adapters, or food grade hardware. Some configurations can even turn the outlet outward as much as 22-1/2" to make hooking up hoses more convenient.

The valve's modular design also simplifies cleaning. All inside surfaces are machined to a finish and polished electrochemically so that they do not collect solids. Moreover, they contain no steps or grooves, and cavity filler seats are available to prevent product entrapment around the ball. Bolt-alignment tabs are cast into the canter piece to make reassembly after cleaning easier and faster.


3 Piece Ball Valve Parts

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3 Piece Ball Valve Parts

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