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Quality, Custom-built Stainless Steel, Intermediate
Bulk Containers (IBC) and Replacement Parts.

FŪZ-VENT™ Three in One Safety Bung


Part No. 111726


FŪZ-VENT TM…  the First Reusable poly fusible vent!


FŪZ-VENT™ is designed to be used many times over or until it ruptures. The innovative fusible vent pays for itself after only a few tank content turn-rounds. When it becomes necessary to clean or fill the tank, just unscrew the black HDPE fusible vent, wash it and put it back into the tank. The FŪZ-VENT product replaces the expensive type of fusibles that get pried off, bent, torn, cross threaded, lost or thrown away and then a replacement is needed with each filling or cleaning. The FŪZ-VENT cuts the waste and costs by approximately 1/10th of the cost of the conventional re-useable design of solder-filled stainless steel.


All Intermediate Bulk Containers are required to have a Fusible Vent to meet DOT/UN regulations. The unique FŪZ-VENT™ patented design safety vent fuse by American Machining Inc. meets and exceeds DOT/UN packaging specifications for the transportation of hazardous materials and offers many advantages and benefits over other safety vents.

American Machining,Inc. 5-in-1 Fuz-vent


FŪZ-VENT is the ONLY true (3 in 1) multi-functional fusible vent to be used as -  a Filling port, Fuzible Safety Vent, and a Mechanical Pressure Relief Vent. It is easy to install and can be simply tightened by hand and then torqued to 15-20 ft/lbs. AMI offers a torque tool specifically designed to be used with FŪZ-VENT for torqueing thus making quick work of this task..


FŪZ-VENT  Benefits Include:

FŪZ-VENT is a registered trademark of American Machining Inc.


Engineered HDPE reusable 3” Safety Vent certified to meet

DOT/UN standards for the transportation of hazardous materials



FŪZ-VENT Product Features


(A) Engineered HDPE Ring.
The center is designed to soften and burst at 300 degrees F.

The black HDPE withstands exposure to UV light, most solvents,

and other chemicals. Certified to meet DOT/UN standards.

(B) Molded Gaskets

Buying separate gaskets and keeping track of them are unnecessary because one is included with product. (optional) EPDM gasket is available for pressures above 15 PSIG.)

(C) Safety Vents.

The two patented ports are well above the threads so that the

tank will begin venting any built-up pressure within a quarter turn. Venting occurs away from the operator's face and prevents the device from popping like a champagne cork.

(D) Stainless Steel Flange.
A SS flange can be welded to any tank and the SS material

resists chemical attack and the rigors multiple use. HDPE-

to-stainless contact prevents the galling that can occur on expensive threaded pieces when screwing steel into steel.

(E) Smooth Surface.

The precision-machined smooth flange surface mates with

the gasket to create a tight seal.

(F) Wide Diameter Port

Besides anchoring the reusable FŪZ-VENT, the 3" NPS

stainless steel flange also functions as filling port. The wide diameter port makes filling much more convenient.


American Machining,Inc. Fuzvent Safety Vent Plug
FUZVENT Safety Vent

(G) A Flush Fit.
The stainless steel flange is machined to match the gage of the tank's lid and fit flush with the underside. The flush fit eliminates solids collection point and a cleaning headaches.

(H) Torque Tool (Optional)

Easily allows applying 30 ft-lb of torque. Tool is made of aluminum to combine high strength with light weight and low cost.

(I) Handy Torque Tool
Specially designed for FŪZ-VENT.  Tool accomodates standard socket for 1/2" drive.