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Quality, Custom-built Stainless Steel, Intermediate
Bulk Containers (IBC) and Replacement Parts.

Universal Valve™ 110475



(A) Step-Free Interior.
Smooth inner surfaces have no
steps and sharp angles that
create eddies, accumulate
debris, and complicate cleaning.

(B) Polished Surfaces.
An electrochemical process
polishes all surfaces, including
the threads. The resulting shiny
exterior is both smooth and
passivated, making it easy to
clean and resistant to rust and
other forms of chemical attack.

(C) Stainless Steel Casting.
The 316 stainless steel valve
body is at least " thick
everywhere for reliability and

(D) Accessible Bolts.
Based on ANSI 150-lb flange
standards, this slotted design
(left or right hand use) requires
only four bolts, allowing the easy
access to all bolts necessary to
create a secure seal quickly.

(E) A Convenient Angle.
Because the bolts are on a
slight angle, the outlet rotates
outward 71/2° as the bolts are
tightened. The offset makes
hooking up hoses much easier.

(F) Heavy-Duty Trunnion and Stem.
To prevent stripping and extend
the operating life, the trunnion is
large and heat treated. The stem
is stainless steel machined in
the heat-treated state. It can take
a socket for opening and closing.

American Machining,Inc. Universal Valve 110475


(G) Visual Flow Verification.
Indicator line shows the
direction of the ball, denoting
whether the valve is open or

(H) Economical TFE Seats.
The seat's design minimizes
the amount of the expensive
TFE material that is necessary,
reducing its cost by as much as
half that of conventional seats.
The reusable stainless steel
seal retainer aids cleaning and
contributes to economizing on
the TFE seats.

( I ) Self-Centering Seat.
The seat allows the ball to find the center and create the best seal automatically without time-consuming manual alignments. This ability compensates for any slight manufacturing differences in replacement parts. As the seat wears, the mechanism also adjusts automatically to maintain an optimum seal.

(J) Quick Disconnect Adapter.
2" quick-disconnect adapter.

(K) Self-Draining.
A smooth slope promotes drainage.













































AMI'S Universal Valve™ is the result of rigorous engineering and years of experience in the tank manufacturing business. Its design eliminates all surfaces and voids that collect solids and cause cleaning headaches. The 2" ball is flush with the bottom of the tank to eliminate the elbow and dead space between the bottom and the ball. And the interior is polished and step-free to prevent solids accumulation and promote drainage.

Because of AMI'S safety philosophy, the valve is engineered to be the industry's strongest and most rigid class of flush-bottom valves. Regarding the valve as a tank's principal control and safety device, the manufacturer believes it is better for the tank to crumple (but not burst) upon impact than for the valve to give. So it refined the design and uses a precision casting process to guarantee a "minimum wall thickness throughout the valve body. When you strike it, you hear a solid thud, rather than the delicate ring that most other valves produce.

As its name implies, Universal Valve™ fits all styles of portable tanks and meets DOT/UN standards. Parts are precision machined and interchangeable with like valves. Replacement parts are always in stock for immediate shipping.


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Universal Valve™ is a registered trademark of American Machining Inc


Universal Valve™ 110475 Parts


 intermediate bulk container

Universal Valve™ Parts

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