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Accu Mix

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Benefits of the Accu Mix

The fastest, easiest, and most accurate way to mix your
concentrate with water is with the Accu Mix.

The sturdy, corrosion-resistant design of AMI’s Accu Mix offers a significant advancement

over traditional Venturi-type drum mixers. Use our Accu Mix to dilute and mix your

concentrate with the proper amount of water to create the perfect concentration for your operations.

To make things even easier the AMI Accu Mix comes with a series of color-coded inserts that allow

you to designate the specific dilution ratio,
you need each and every time (30:1, 20:1, 10:1, etc.).

• Ensures proper mixture every time

• Eliminates concerns about mixtures being too concentrated or too dilute

• Takes the guess work out of the mixing process

• Eliminates messy, expensive coolant spills

• Saves you 10 to 20% in the amount of concentrate you use

• Ensures no operator errors or Safety mishaps mixing wrong ingredients.

For more information on the Accu Mix Click Here (.pdf)