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Quality, Custom-built Stainless Steel, Intermediate
Bulk Containers (IBC) and Replacement Parts.

AMI Achievement

American Machining Inc., a privately owned American company, recently found a manufacturing problem and saved a Big Three American automobile company millions of dollars in future losses from their mixing process.


AMI, the world’s premier leader in the manufacture and repair of Intermediate Bulk Containers and all accessories, provides mixing and agitator equipment to companies throughout the globe for liquid product and powder mixing for thousands of different applications.


AMI’s President and Chief Engineer, George Stolzenfeld, was touring and reviewing equipment for a Big Three Auto Company’s conformal coat mixing facility and noticed that all of their tanks had agitator units running in the wrong direction. Such a rotation path of the pitched turbine blades is a critical process in the proper mixing of the final product. Unfortunately for that company’s most current process, they were mixing it improperly and creating manufacturing problems in the final product composition and application of the coat to their automobile engines required for baking purposes and protection of vital engine parts.


George immediately recognized the problem and alerted their engineers to the correct path and rotation of the agitator for this particular application, being clockwise forcing the liquid product down and outward, thereby creating the proper vortex to mix the liquid properly. AMI also was awarded a contract to supply this same company with many complete mixing units which included the blades, shafts, motors, speed reducers, AMI’s patented “Quick Disconnect” device for reducer to tank lid, the portable tank lids themselves, and the variable frequency control units. AMI also recommended a system of controlling all of the mixer units with a single control panel for the variant frequencies and found an optimum speed to run these particular units for this one type of mixing application. The customer was very happy and continues to rely on AMI for all of their mixing and tank needs.


Let AMI work with you to design and manufacture all of your IBC and accessory needs and custom design your next specialty mixer and agitator unit.