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Quality, Custom-built Stainless Steel, Intermediate
Bulk Containers (IBC) and Replacement Parts.

AMI Achievement

In a current world market that sees manufacturing going overseas to China and Asia, American Machining Inc., a privately owned American company and the world’s premier leader in the manufacture and repair of Intermediate Bulk Containers and all accessories, was recently awarded a contract to provide all of the MANWAY COVERS for the world’s biggest automotive paint supplier to install on all their in-ground paint holding tanks in new factories being currently built in China. The paint company came to AMI to custom design and build these products to their specific application and pressure manufacturing requirements after 2 decades of using AMI products in their worldwide operations.


AMI’s patented MANWAY COVERS are unique in the industry and designed originally by AMI’s owner and product inventor. Since their original conception, hundreds of companies have had custom covers of all shapes, sizes, and material designed and manufactured for their needs by AMI. Their unique and durable design allow for their placement in industrial as well as extreme & harsh environments in thousands of different applications and processes which they have been used for throughout the world. AMI works with all customers to interface such covers to their specific tank applications and requirements including adaptation to tanks, flanges and tooling for interface purposes. All covers can be designed to include specific pressure relief for specific applications, can be provided with quick disconnects, adapters, and port exit and entry points for any product required for both the receiving and extracting of the product. These covers are designed with patented seal mechanisms designed for your application including the most requested system of “Dual Seals”, another AMI invention.


Let AMI work with you to design and manufacture all of your IBC and accessory needs and custom design your next specialty cover.