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Quality, Custom-built Stainless Steel, Intermediate
Bulk Containers (IBC) and Replacement Parts.

Fittings For Fabrication

Custom Fittings—Always Suit the Job

AMI's catalog contains hundreds of variations on the six major categories of fittings commonly found on portable mixing tank covers. If the style you want happens not to be there, our engineering staff and skilled craftsmen will produce one to the high standards that has made the AMI name synonymous with quality. For strength and longevity, all fittings are welded to the cover with a fillet weld on the exterior and a fuse weld on the interior.


Locating Recess

Provides a locating surface so that the fitting is flush with the cover's bottom surface. It also adds support to make built-up welds unnecessary and to allow an easy to polish fuse weld on the bottom


Step-Free Interior

Wetted surfaces are through-bored and can be polished to eliminate any steps that accumulate debris and complicate cleaning.

These are the Six Major Catagories of Fittings For Mixing Tank Covers:



2" QD to 10GA Weld End

Cast 2” Angled QD x 2” NPT Adapter in 304 SS. Part #110014




Tank Outlet Adapter

5/8” Tall Elbow Reducer in 304 SS. Adapts 110432 Elbow to Tank Outlet Part #110054



Patch Plate

2” Patch Plate for Reike Vent in 304 SS with 10 GA Weld End. Heavy Duty - never wears solid stainless not stamped. Part #110118


3” NPSM Nipple

3” NPSM Nipple with 10 GA Weld End in 304 SS Part #110133




2” NPSM Bung Flange

2” NPSM Bung Flange in 304 SS with 10 GA Weld End. Use Part #110885 Saf-Bung with this flange. Part #110134


2” Thread Protector

Thread Protector for 2” bung. Protects threads from damage during filling, cleaning, transport, handling, etc. Part #110430


2” Male I-Line Elbow

2” Heavy Duty,.120 Wall 90 Degree Elbow with 2” Male I-Line in 304 SS Part #110432



.75 QD to 10 GA Weld End

¾” QD and Groove Adapter in 304 SS with 10 GA Weld End.

Part #110663



2” NPT - Weld End Nipple

2” NPT Heavy Weight Nipple in 304 SS Weld-end. Part #111317



3” NPSM Bung Flange

3” NPSM Bung Flange in 304 SS with 10 GA Weld End. To be used with Fuz-vent Part #111727


1-1/2” NPT to Weld End

1-1/2” NPT Heavy Duty Schedule 80 Weld on Nipple in 304 SS – 1½” LG Part #111777


4" QD - Weld End Adaper

4” Quick Disconnect Adapter with ½” Weld End in 304 SS

Part #114285

















Tank Outlet

Tank Outlet Assembly for use with Drop Tube, use as a drop tube support. Part#111930