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Quality, Custom-built Stainless Steel, Intermediate
Bulk Containers (IBC) and Replacement Parts.

Grease Bins

Grease Bins allow manufacturers to transfer and store viscous products with greater efficiency. These bins facilitate faster filling and dispensing in addition to providing environmental benefits. The bins use the same 10-gauge construction and square design found in the Totes with the enhancement of a 45 degree conical bottom, which is ideal for medium viscosity products. They are available in either carbon or stainless steel in 165-, 275-, and 475- gallon capacities.























Lifting Lugs: Combination Lifting Lugs and Stacking positioners.

Drum Covers: 22" drum cover with 3" fusible vent/fill cap, EPDM gasket and plated steel clamp ring with bolt and nut.

Top Bung: 2" bung with EPDM gasket and plug.

Construction: 10-gauge steel construction with choice of paint finish color (paint finish on carbon steel bins only).

Decals: Safety decals.

Bottom: 45 degree conical bottom.

Discharge Pocket: Side discharge pocket with 2-1/2" NPT nipple and pipe cap.

Valve Option: 3" full port with plug available in polypropylene, brass or 316 stainless steel.

Fork Channels: Forklift accessible on all four sides for extra stability.


American Machining,Inc. Grease Bins, Lifting Lugs
Lifting Lugs

American Machining,Inc. Grease Bins Drum Covers
Drum Cover

American Machining,Inc. Grease Bins, Ball Valve
Ball Valve

American Machining,Inc. Grease Bins, Discharge Pocket
Discharge Pocket

American Machining,Inc. Grease Bins, Fork Channels
Fork Channels



Nominal Capacity
165 gal (624 l))
275 gal (1040 l)
475 gal (1797 l)

Nominal Dimensions
42"W x 42"L x 44.5"H
42"W x 52"L x 52.5"H
48"W x 48"L x 75.5"H

Approx. Tare Weight
375 lbs (170kg)
450 lbs (204 kg)
800 lb (362 kg)

Max. Gross Weight
2100 lbs (953 kg)
3300 lbs (1497 kg)
5600 lbs (2540 kg)