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Quality, Custom-built Stainless Steel, Intermediate
Bulk Containers (IBC) and Replacement Parts.

IBC Insulating and Heated Jackets

For Intermediate Bulk Containers that require a constant temperature an AMI quality constructed IBC insulation jacket is available. The jacket can be used with applications including hot or cold temperatures. Bring your bulk container to the required temperature and insulate it with a heavy duty removable and reusable jacket.


The insulating jackets are made to fit standard IBC sizes in 42” x 48” base overall dimensions from 100 gallons on up. However, 42” x 42” and 48” x 48” base dimension jackets are also available. All jackets for IBC Totes are custom fit to the fittings and options on you tank.




The jackets can be used indoors or outdoors operating at temperatures up to 210F. The outer and inner material is vinyl coated polyester blue cloth, with 2” thick fiberglass insulation. All fastening is with Velcro hook and loop. 


Once your IBC Bulk Container is up to temperature, a heating band can be added to help maintain the temperature required. In some cases the heating band is the only heating source require for the application. Please let AMI size a Insulating Jacket for your process.