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Bulk Containers (IBC) and Replacement Parts.

Liquid Level Indicator Gauge / Manifold for IBC Totes


Liquid Level Indicator Gauge and Manifold for IBC Tanks and Totes


This system is specifically designed to visually check a tanks contents and a way to determine the transfer rate when filling the IBC tank. A special manifold is fitted to the outlet valve and directly to the level gauge. By closing the valve between the tank and the gauge and examining the level change as the tank is filled a higher or lower fill rate can be determined.


Stainless steel construction and a borosilicate glass level gauge with optional gasket materials are available. Liquid Level gauges are standard for IBC tanks 350 gallon and 550 gallon with 42” x 48” base overall dimensions. Additional sizes are offered for most applications.


Please call AMI at 810-629-0091 or e-mail AMI at to inquire about a Liquid Level Gauge and manifold system for your product and process.