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Adaptable Mixer Drive Motors

A quick-connect unit that powers most agitators.
Ergonomic design promotes safety.

When designing the Adaptable Mixer Drive Motors, AMI's engineers paid particular attention to the ergonomics and mechanics of attaching it to any product kitchen's portable agitator. The design brings together three AMI innovations: its Universal Chuck, Auto Lock attachment, and Twist Lock base. The result is a quick and easy, two-motion connection to the tank cover. Using the ergonomic handle, an operator sets the Twist Lock base on the cover's standard lugs and twists the drive unit a 1/16 of a turn to lock it in place. There is no fumbling or straining with cumbersome handholds or eye bolts.





The drive and agitator spindles connect in one of three ways. When the Universal Chuck is outfitted with the spring-loaded Auto Lock, the attachment's hexagonal socket snaps into place automatically on AMI's Rigitator rigid agitation unit. The operator takes no action—other than to look for the green, signifying proper alignment. When the chuck is holding a flange for a standard four-dog coupling, the operator makes the connection as usual. Users preferring a direct connection can insert the shaft into the Universal Chuck and bypass the coupling mechanisms altogether. In this case, they can remove the Twist Lock flange and bolt the drive unit to the cover using the four permanent holes on the base.


Safety Notch
Centers chain-hoist hooks, and prevents them from sliding during handling.


Ergonomic Handle
Made of sturdy 1/2" rod, the heavy-duty handle simplifies installation and breakdown by giving workers a solid grip for lifting, aligning, and connecting drives to covers and agitator assemblies.


Choice of Motors
Users can specify pneumatic motors rated up to 5 hp, or they can choose from a line of standard-duty and explosion-proof electric motors rated up to 3 hp.


5:1 Gearbox
This gear ratio gives users the speed and power to mix 1,000 gallon tanks efficiently. Output speed is 350rpm, and input speed is 1,750 rpm.


Universal Chuck
Accommodates three methods of connection: a hexagonal Auto Lock attachment, standard four-dog coupling, and direct-spindle clamping. Slide either the appropriate attachment or the agitator spindle into the 1" bore, and tighten the two set screws.


Twist Lock Base
Removable flange locks within 1/16 of a turn after being fitted to a standard set of cover lugs.


Bolt Holes
Four permanent holes allow bolting the drive to covers. An alternative to the Twist Lock base.


Auto Lock Attachment
Because of precision machining and spring loading, the hexagonal socket snaps into place automatically without operator guidance. The spring also applies constant tension thereafter to prevent wear and accidental disengagement. For use with AMI'S Rigitator.


Four-Dog Coupling Adapter
Connects the drive to any agitator using a standard four-dog coupling.








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Auto-Lok™ #113036