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Quality, Custom-built Stainless Steel, Intermediate
Bulk Containers (IBC) and Replacement Parts.

Tank and Tote Stands and Risers

AMI can manufacture a standard or custom tank stand/riser for most applications. All size Intermediate Bulk Containers, Process Tanks and Poly Totes can be fitted to an AMI stand. Round, square or rectangle stands are available in a variety of heights and options.




Standard and custom stands/risers are produced using either carbon steel or stainless steel construction. Carbon steel construction is painted AMI standard blue or yellow color or the standard color of choice. Stainless steel construction is cleaned and buffed for a clean presentation. Custom construction can include heavy duty aluminum painted or not painted or additional materials and finish based on the application.


Most stands are built to a standard pallet size of 42” x 48, 42” x 42” base dimension or 42” x 48” base dimension. Custom sizes include metric or any configuration to fit the purpose. The height of the stand is fitted to the application. Typical construction is square tube but other options are available.


A stand can elevate an IBC or Poly tank to work height, to access the outlet valve assembly, to add or fill and to monitor levels. Stands can add clearance when used between IBC’s or poly totes for filling and monitoring. Stands can also be used to keep tanks off the work floor area.


If your process or application would benefit from using a stand or riser call AMI at 810-629-0091 to discuss your product and its unique requirements.