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Quality, Custom-built Stainless Steel, Intermediate
Bulk Containers (IBC) and Replacement Parts.

Portable Drive Motors

Finally a drive made specifically for a DOT UN tank, with so many different applications when it comes to mixing in UN portable tanks AMI staff is standing by to solve your mixing requirements. Our drives are either gear driven or there are direct drive models depending upon your requirements.


Gear drive model has a 5C mounting flange that can take on an electric motor or pneumatic drive depending on your mixing needs. Electric motors offered for this mixer drive range from ½ HP to 2HP and multiple voltage range along with explosion proof or non-explosion. Its newly designed base mates up perfect to the mixer cover flange giving the mixer drive unsurpassed stability during the mixing application. For your lifting requirements a heavy duty handle with a center positioning notch which allows ease in handling and the ability pick the drive without the fear of the mixer drive sliding in the lift hook. This heavy duty drive only weights 67lbs with a 3hp pneumatic motor due to the new design made specifically for the IBC mixer cover assemblies (variety of mixer cover designs available).


If gear driven is not needed check out our economical direct drive systems, but don’t let price fool you. These newly design drives with the newly designed FlipMix blades have the ability to mix many products at a reduced cost in comparison to the gear driven models. These direct drive mixers can fit through and mount to as small as a 2” bung opening and can adapt to sanitary fittings along with many other closures. These mixers are design to mix close to the bottom of your IBC tanks where the fix mixer blades are unable to do so.


 intermediate bulk container

MixerDrive Motor

Standard heavy duty Mixer Drive for transportable and poly tanks. Mixer drive has a gear box for additional torque and slower speeds. The Mixer drive will connect to either cam seal, hex or can be custom designed for your application.


process tank

Poly Tank Mixers

Heavy duty Drive Motor and Mixer clamps to the tank metal cage eliminating stress on the poly tank. The Drive Motor is geared down to provide additional torque for heavier mixing applications. The collapsible blades open after the motor starts turning.



FlipMix™ Portable Mixer

FlipMix™ does what other mixers can’t do. It’s designed to fit through a 2“ opening and operate 1” off the bottom of the Tote®






sure drain totes

Flip Mix II™

Great for light duty agitation, Flip Mix can be used as an auxiliary mixer supplementing a traditional drive mixing product remaining in the tank bottom as shown in the picture above. Flip Mix can also be used as a stand alone mixer with low viscosity products.