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Quality, Custom-built Stainless Steel, Intermediate
Bulk Containers (IBC) and Replacement Parts.

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October 2014 Press Release


New Design FILL TUBE with Built-in Fume Eliminator


AMI has developed yet another innovative safety product to simplify the venting of noxious, dangerous or hazardous fumes while at the same time providing filling of drums, totes or tanks with solvents or chemicals.


The new simultaneous Fill Tube assembly incorporates a one piece closed system fill tube design with a built in vent chamber that controls filling and eliminates fumes.
fill tube
fill tube
The Fill Tube with Fume Eliminator allows for complete control of filling

and venting plus reduces exposure or contamination to an operator. 
This product is also designed with two (2) large handles for easy operator installation or removal into standard 2” bung hole flanges. 

The product is made of quality stainless steel for strength, longevity and sanitary requirements where needed.


The Fill/ Vent Tube comes as a standard 2” nps for threading into bungs. The Fill/ Vent Tube is available in a wide variety of sizes and

can be made to your specifications.


The Fill Tube outlet ends can be made to any length or configuration such as straight or J type. Also available with multiple inlets, male and

female, quick connectors, I-line and S-line connectors to meet your needs.




AMI is a world class manufacturer of quality stainless steel IBC containers and
components serving a wide range of industries that need to safely handle dangerous
and hazardous fluid materials. AMI also is a full service provider for critical repair,
replacement, documentation, certification and cleaning services for IBC containers
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American Machining Inc.
2232 Wiggins Road
Fenton, MI 48430
Phn : (810) 629-0091
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Toll Free:  (877) 629-0091
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June/July 2014 Press Release.

FŪZ-VENT  - a COST Saving, Reusable, Fusible Vent for Bulk Containers

FŪZ-VENT  is designed to be used many times over or until it ruptures. It was designed to be safe, easy to use and cost effective. This innovative fusible vent pays for itself after only a few turnarounds of tank contents or cleaning. When it becomes necessary to clean or fill the tank just unscrew the black HDPE fusible vent, wash it and put it back into tank. This FŪZ-VENT product replaces the expensive type of fusibles that get pried off, bent, torn, cross threaded, lost or thrown away and then need replacement with each filling or cleaning. The FŪZ-VENT cuts the waste and is approximately 1/10th of the cost of the conventional re-useable design of solder-filled stainless steel products.


All Intermediate Bulk Containers are required to have a Fusible Vent to meet DOT/UN regulations. The Department of Transportation regulations state in section DOT CFR 178.705 (2)(i) states that "IBCs must be capable of releasing a sufficient amount of vapor in the event of fire engulfment to ensure that no rupture of the body will occur due to pressure build-up.  This can be achieved by spring-loaded or non-reclosing pressure relief devices or by other means of construction."


The unique patented design of the FŪZ-VENT safety vent plug by American Machining Inc. meets and exceeds DOT/UN and offers many advantages and benefits starting with:


SAFETY - a patented two port venting is placed well above the threads thus allowing safe tank venting with any pressure build up with only a quarter turn. Venting always occurs away from operator and prevents champagne cork like popping.


FŪZ-VENT has an engineered HDPE center ring is designed to soften and rupture without exceeding the design pressure of the tank and per DOT/UN specifications. As another safety added value the FŪZ-VENT disc will rupture long before the tank will rupture. FŪZ-VENT withstands exposure to UV light, most solvents and chemicals. FŪZ-VENT is certified to meet and exceed DOT/UN standards. An EPDM gasket is included with the product.


The FŪZ-VENT system includes, as an option, a stainless steel 3” NPS flange piece that can be positioned as needed and welded in place.


The optional FŪZ-VENT flange is a precision-machined stainless steel smooth surface and clean flange that resists chemical attack and withstands the rigors of use. The SS fitting offers a flush fit on the inside of the tank to avoid trapping of product or material. Using the stainless steel threaded flange and HDPE fusible vent eliminates contact galling that can occur on expensive threaded pieces when screwing stainless steel into stainless steel.


FŪZ-VENT is the ONLY true (3 in 1) multi-functional fusible vent to be used as -  (1) Filling Port, (2) a Fusible Safety Vent, and (3) a Mechanical Pressure Relief  Vent. The product is easy to use and install. One can simply tighten by hand and then torqued to 15-20 ft/lbs.





Benefits Include:














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American Machining Inc.
2232 Wiggins Road, Fenton, MI 48430
Ph : (810) 629-0091

Fax: (810) 629-0046

Toll Free:  (877) 629-0091













FŪZ-VENT is a registered trademark of American Machining Inc.








January 2014 Press Release.



NEW Slip-On, Quick Mount Agitator Drive for IBC Polypropylene Tanks


The new AMI Quick Mount design totally simplifies and eliminates the age old problem of wrestling with the installation of an Agitator for poly tank applications.


AMI has developed the Quick Mount Agitator for ease of installation and to accommodate and fit over 4”, 6” and 8” poly tank openings with any existing thread design.


Now the Slip-On, Quick Mount Agitator drive can be dropped into and slipped over the tank opening and secured within seconds without the need for any tools due to its 3 point built in lock-down method.


The Slip-On, Quick Mount Agitator is ideal for the coatings, chemical and many other industries using intermediate bulk container (IBC) and poly tote applications. The agitator/mixer is a enclosed sealed system for mixing batch quantities of low and medium viscosity liquids thus eliminating the possibilities of contamination and leakage.




On Poly Tote tank 

This quality American made product is designed for heavy usage, abuse and to provide years of continued service.


The Quick Mount Agitator is lightweight, portable; yet heavy duty providing maximum support and stability.  The agitator is made of solid stainless steel including 3 folding blade impellers for ease of insertion thru 4”, 6” or 8” openings. Agitator shaft lengths available in standard sizes but typically made to any length customer requires.


Impeller blades are also stainless steel and offered in standard diameter sizes 4”, 8” and 12’ diameters and up to any diameter required.

The quick mount H.D. Quick Mount Agitator is available in air-driven models. Electric models are available upon request.




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Additional Copy:

AMI is a world class manufacturer of quality stainless steel IBC containers and components serving a wide range of industries that need to safely handle dangerous

and hazardous fluid materials. AMI also is a full service provider for critical repair, replacement, certification, tracking and cleaning services for IBC containers.