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We are committed to Exceeding our Customer’s Expectations, by Delivering Consistent Quality Products and Services. Our Core Values, Business Processes, and Continuous Improvement Methodology Serve as the Basis for Our Superior Customer Performance.

American Machining, Inc (AMI) is a Michigan based company that has been producing quality stainless steel totes, parts and mixing equipment for over 38 years.     Although we may be a smaller organization, we have the capacity to delivery thousands of tanks each year and thousands of parts to customers such as BASF, Axalta, Valspar and NP Coatings to their facilities all over the world.    Many of our customers have been with us for over 30 years, and we pride ourselves on having superior products with personalized customer service.   In addition to manufacturing containers, parts and mixers for the paint, coatings & chemical industry, we have also manufactured products for the beverage, cosmetic and adhesives industries as well.    Overall, American Machining can provide a full service support system for all of your liquid handling and blending needs.     There are a handful of suppliers, who can provide containers, but very few of them can provide parts, containers, and mixers all manufactured under one roof.    This makes life much easier for purchasing and engineering departments for streamlining orders and parts.      We also have the capacity to offer repair services, recertification and cleaning for these same customers.   In a sense, we are a one-stop-shop for IBC customers, and have often been referred to as “The IBC Resource”.

We provide all standardized OEM parts and containers, as well as offer customization to fit your manufacturing needs.   Many of the mixers we build can be adjusted based on the size of your containers, and the viscosity of your product.   We have mixers that are designed to work in various sizes of containers, from a 55 gallon drum to a 750 gallon IBC stainless or poly container.  We also offer additional components for the IBC business such as tote stands, heating/cooling coils, and various valves designed to fit both standard/or customized connections.

We have a very solid reputation in the paint and coatings industry, and hope to reach out to more businesses both in this industry and beyond.   We may be small, but we are mighty.   The competitors we run up against are global, and when given the opportunity… we quite often out bid them and always provide superior products.    Many customers we have acquired in the last couple of years were gained through a bid process….and they never went back.  Not only were they satisfied with the pricing, they were even more pleased with the delivered product.    We provide our customers with full service IBC fleet management, maintenance, repairs, parts and quality mixing equipment.   We are proud to be a Michigan based company that provides superior products that are made in the USA.

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