for IBC Containers and Totes

Heavy duty stainless steel mixers for transportable IBC containers with standard sized manways. Custom designed based on the container size and product.

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Certified to meet DOT and UN standards

Rigidity and a quick connection make AMI’s Rigitator® portable agitator suitable for even the most demanding environments. Rigitator ® is for shops that like to put tanks on-line immediately, schedule minimal downtime for cleaning and maintenance, and often skip cleaning between fills. These shops rank quick changeover, durability, and low maintenance as their top three concerns.

To deliver an agitator with these attributes, AMI designed Rigitator with two sets of sealed double-row bearings. The design holds the shaft rock solid and allows no radial movement. Consequently, the double-lip seal and dust shield at the bottom of the bearing housing wear very slowly and continue to prevent paint and debris from getting inside the mechanism, well past the time when other seals have failed. Moreover, the long-lasting seal helps the tank to hold pressure during use and to exceed DOT and UN transportation regulations.

When the time comes for cleaning, the job is quick and easy because the double-lip seal keeps the bearings clean. The surfaces needing attention are only those that are large, smooth, and polished. Putting the tank back on-line is even easier with AMI’s Auto Lock attachment. Operators connect Rigitator to mixer drives quickly with a simple place-and-twist motion. The Auto Lock socket snaps into place automatically on the hexagonal spindle fitting. The operator takes no other action, other than to look at the green for proper alignment.

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