D.O.T. Testing

Auto Leakproofness Test Unit Stationary Wall Mount

Recertify your own portable tanks / IBC’s to Federal Regulations 49 CFR 178.813 (Leakproofness test) with this wall mount unit (#115350). This system is fully automatic,which ensures containers are all tested with the same accuracy in accordance with Federal Regulations.

D.O.T. Automated LeakProofness Test Unit for wall mounting.
Part #115350


  • Easy to read gauges showing pressure in and test pressure (PSI)

  • Total pneumatic system no electrical required

  • Easy to read site bulbs that appear when test is ready to begin

  • Fast flow system which shortens fill cycle

  • Fills and maintains air pressure during the duration of test at 20 kPa (2.9 psig)

  • Safety relief vent to ensure that tank will not be over pressurized

  • Storage cabinet with ample space for storing all supplies (portable unit) part # 110441

  • Compact design for areas with limited space (wall unit) part # 115350