Maintenance and Modifications

Shaft Straightening – Upgrades and Modifications

AMI suggests routine preventative maintenance to avoid costly and inconvenient work delays caused by worn, bent or out of round mixer shafts. Mixer shafts rotating in an out of balance condition can cause increased wear on your mixer housing and drive motor damaging more expensive components.

AMI’S experienced and professional staff; using our custom shaft inspection machine, can calibrate and repair your mixer shaft to like new condition as required. Each mixer shaft is inspected individually, serialized, and then repaired and upgraded to the latest specifications assuring consistent and trouble free blending of your product.

After cleaning your tank and mixer, have AMI inspect, repair and recertify both your tank and mixer to like new condition, before they are placed back in service in your plant.

Mixer and Manway Covers – Upgrades and Modifications

AMI offers heavy duty 304 stainless steel machined fittings for all of your applications. Samples shown include AMI’S heavy duty reusable patch plate that allows installation of new Rieke plugs over and over eliminating failures caused by the stamped style patch plate; or our 2″ and 3″ heavy duty machined bung flanges and nipples. AMI can install any combination of fittings to update and preserve your mixer and PT covers.

Call AMI today @ 877-629-0091 for personal assistance in upgrading your covers for heavy duty use.