Portable Tank Cover / Lid

16ga with nipple

Our Custom Designed IBC Covers offer hundreds of possibilities and options when it comes to the installation of special fittings; like filling ports, safety vents, and agitators.


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Fittings that are milled to fit flush to the underside of the lid and are fused welded on the bottoms of the Portable Tank Covers. Flush fits, polished welds, and a standard 2B finish insure minimal collection points and cleaning ease. AMI also offers even a smother, custom-polished Tote® Cover, and an Electrochemical polishing option.

Our venting on the standard IBC Covers in order to meet UN31A regulations is accomplished by FUZ-VENT (the most popular fusible IBC Cover Vent) or a S/S vent if required. All vents for IBC Covers are found in the parts section of this site.