Process Tanks

Special tanks designed for your special application. AMI’S Process tanks can be custom fabricated to fit your product with a variety of configurations and options available. Height, diameter, top and bottom heads can all be custom built to your needs.

Process tanks can be manufactured in a range of materials. The most common are carbon steel, stainless steel in 304 or 316 and aluminum. Besides the most common construction there is a wide assortment of additional materials accessible to fit any function.

The top on a Process tank can be produced with any number of options. A standard 22-1/2” diameter manway with a standard gasket and clamp ring is one option. A hatch with a bolted and hinged cover and gasket is another popular option. Various fittings cam and groove, sanitary, threaded, sight tubes and sight glasses in various sizes are available.

The bottom head is also offered in many different configurations. Flat, coned and dished bottoms are some of the types available. Various outlets can be designed into the bottom head. Threaded with a plug, one piece standard, 3 piece sanitary and butterfly valves are just some of the valve options.

Process tanks can be fitted with legs, 2 and 4 way fork-tubes or an assortment of pick-up and transportation options. Mixing options to stir or blend and heating and cooling options are also available.

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